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Freedom is a concept that drives and inspires us every day. We understand what it is to be free, and what it is to struggle for our rights. But we know freedom as an abstract concept as well. It’s one we embrace for its place within art. At work, it gives us colors, gives us energy, gives us the power to express ourselves without limits.

In the studio, we let our instincts guide us. We want you to pull on our sneakers and feel the same rush that we felt as we made them. Our latest collection, CROSTY ONDA CHAOS, is a limited run of sneakers, each one hand-painted by our artistic director. Every pair is a unique crystallization of the creative concepts we live by here at CROSTY. The abstract realized in vibrant color. Art, expression, and wearable freedom.

Hailing from Georgia, CROSTY was born of rich tradition and inspired by the natural landscapes on which it was founded. These foundations built a brand that focused on a minimal design aesthetic and a premium feel. For their latest delivery, the team jumps in the deep end to deliver a look that is a strong contrast to their previous offerings, aptly named the CROSTY ONDA CHAOS. 

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