Erekle Tsuladze

21 JAN – 21 FEB, 2022

The exhibition space of the CROSTY CONCEPT STORE is hosting a solo exhibition by contemporary sculptor Erekle Tsuladze. The exhibition features three works by the artist, which embody ​brand’s key values of freedom and time. As part of CROSTY’s commitment to offering Georgian talent freedom through opportunities, this is just one of several upcoming projects. The aims of each project are to promote the development of contemporary art in Georgia and to introduce both new and established artists to the exhibition space.

Erekle Tsuladze has been working with modern materials for more than ten years. He has showcased a whole series of abstract works made of stainless steel, anodized metal, crystal, artificial stone and other modern materials. In November 2019, Erekle personal exhibition, “Ereklektika”, opened at the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, where more than 50 sculptural works were created and displayed. His works have been staged in countries across the world, spanning America, through Europe and into Asia. They are popular in private galleries and collections, as well as the exterior and interior of hotels.

CROSTY believes artistic creations contain the essence of our existence. Erekle’s creations are a meeting of human consciousness and irrational thinking. He uses energy and conceptual analysis to create abstract forms that awaken different thoughts in our minds. This exhibition is also a performance of people, the visitors. The artwork doesn’t have boundaries—it creates an experience.

The exhibition space is hosting three sculptures: “Time machine”, “Shen khar venakhi” and “Infinity”. What is the connection between ​​CROSTY’s ideals and these pieces? The main idea is feeling freedom in ourselves, traveling in it, and experiencing that surreal sense of infinite freedom that suddenly leads to the beginnings of our very nature.

Curated by Kati Arsenishvili

Erekle Tsuladze, 2022

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