We are all Georgian, we are all equal, and we all deserve to be free.

We wanted to celebrate some of the fascinating young people living in Georgia. The recent demonstrations reinforced our belief that this generation of Georgians is united by national identity, by inclusivity, by equality. They share our values, which was clearly evident as they agreed to participate in this video series without compensation. The chance to be a part of something bigger was reward enough. 

Our aim was to intertwine the Georgian people, the real lifeblood of the country, with iconic reminders of its heritage, like the Tiger and Knight monument designed by sculptor Elguja Amashukeli.

The actors in our videos aren’t actors at all—they’re real people. Some are recognisable, from a famous DJ to a top model for international fashion brands. Lika Rigvava has worked with us before, as well as the likes of Gucci, and like our founders, her family are refugees from occupied Abkhazia.

Other faces in the video are younger but full of potential, like the fledgling basketball star predicted to have a bright future. Just as they differ in age and profession, they represent a rainbow of races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexualities.

But they are all Georgian. And they all believe in freedom. 

The hidden eye motif, a symbol of the protestors, features prominently. It’s a sign of the struggles we face for our freedom. It’s especially poignant when coupled with two of our youngest participants: twin boys whose light-hearted game gains a darker political edge.

Meet Lika Rigvava. She’s a model. A refugee. A mother. A freedom fighter. A proud Georgian. She cares about the future of our country—in fact, in Johan, she’s raising the future of our country. She won’t avert her eyes from our struggles, and neither will we. We are a people united. We are Georgia.

Tradition. Inclusion. The two go hand in hand. Whether Georgian blood intertwines with Chinese or Jamaican, we’re a nation united. Our people are our lifeblood. There is no room for hatred, discrimination, or exclusion. The only race we see is the race towards freedom.

We know conflict. We know oppression. This is a land where you have to grow up quickly. Where you learn hard lessons. But we know the strength of our people, our nation. When we got knocked, we get up swinging. We believe in our future—that it’s bright, and it’s beautiful, and that we will always come back stronger than before.

Identity is complex. What defines us? What makes us unique, and what traits do we share? Meet a Georgian and you’ll know one thing for sure: we never give up. We proudly embrace who we are, respect each other, and keep striving for the freedom all of us deserve.

We have more to offer. Limitless potential. We won’t hide from our past, but we boldly embrace our future. You will know our names. You will know our story. And you will see exactly what we can do. Because we are Georgian, and we are the generations that will shape tomorrow.

Unity. Pride. Inclusivity. Creativity. These are the values we cherish, the values that bind us. They guide our every action and we always keep them close. We aren’t perfect, but we’re incredible. Welcome to Georgia. We’ve got a whole lot to offer.

What do we see when we look in the mirror? That we are one people with one shared heritage, one national identity. We are a force for progress, rolling unstoppably towards a better future, a nation as strong and proud and free as we’ve ever been. Nothing will stand in our way.

What does it mean to be Georgian? For many, it’s to be a refugee from an occupied region. But it’s also to be proud of our country’s heritage, its traditions, and more than anything, its people. Freedom. It’s a feeling Georgians can’t take for granted. As long as our brothers and sisters fight against oppression and occupation, we are not a truly free nation. But we will always be a proud one. We are all Georgian. We know times of turmoil. But we also know we are part of an identity that is strong, proud, inclusive. We are a people defined by our values. We are all equal and we all stand together.


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