Freedom isn’t a finite goal.

It’s not something to be achieved once and then forgotten.

Freedom is a process. A process by which we acknowledge the past and create a better future.

Create new history.

Freedom is a constant movement to maintain our future.

Our movement began on May 26th, 1918.

It continues, eternal, to embrace this process and strive for even greater freedom.

Freedom is the highest state of existence and we Georgians understand it best.

You know exactly what freedom is…


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Luka Maziashvili
Elene Chikovani
Nanka Gvarishvili
Nika Arakelovi
Nina Tibilashvili
Tamar Khurtsilava
Irakli Mereli
Natia Vepkhvadze


Director: Makho Kipshidze
Director of photography: Makho Kipshidze
Creative/Art director: Elene Bakhtadze
Styling/Set design: Elene Bakhtadze
Assistant art director: Anna Prangishvili
Gaffer: David Eremadze
Camera assistant: Levan Bakhturidze
Focus: David Kiknadze
Playback: Edo
Assistant of operator: Lasha Gulashvili
Music: George Tsopurashvili
Sound design: George Tsopurashvili
Edit: Makho Kipshidze
Making of: Lasha Shekelashvili, Bacho Kintsurashvili
Copywriter: Elene Danelia
Voice: Sopiko Gvimradze
Makeup: Ana Todua
Hair: Viktoria Gigiashvili

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