DRO flows endlessly, and with it, everything melts away. Impermanence is a fact of life, and this is exactly why we must seize our freedom while we can.

We don’t have DRO to waste—this collection reminds us of that fact.

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We must strive to place value on those things we can’t quantify: feelings, experiences. These can be more solid, more real, than anything that DRO can take from us. Though the passage of DRO is inescapable, we choose how we fill it. We are masters of our own fate.

Each day, DRO draws in the night to close us off, but each morning, it pulls forth new possibilities from the sun rise. DRO doesn’t stop for anyone, but when we run to keep up, we fly with it. DRO runs and runs but never wears out, like the perfect pair of sneakers.

As long as there is DRO, there is freedom: to pass it, spend it, fill it, or even just wish it away. DRO is freedom for us to embrace every day. DRO pulls us from the earth and will pull us back again, but it is always with us, our loyal unending friend.

We strive to capture DRO, to spend it well and make our mark. Every day it’s with us, and so every day we exercise our freedom to pass it how we will.

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DRO is a road we all follow, but a wide one full of different paths. It’s the same road for everyone, but you can travel it how you wish.

Regardless of our ‘worth’, our place in the world, we are all given DRO, and the freedom to spend it. It flows with us all and passes us as equals. Spend yours in your own way—live your own life.

Named after the Georgian for “Time”, DRO Runner is our latest collection. It explores a retro future look for streetwear combined with pertinent reminders of the passing of DRO, from the melting icon to the handwritten packing DRO on the side of each pair.

Freedom is a key value of every pair of CROSTY sneakers, and it’s highlighted in many of our designs and DRO is no different. Set against a melting backdrop symbolizing DRO slipping away from us, “Freedom” is inscribed in Georgian script — a reminder that we can still control what we do with the DRO we’re given.

DRO encourages us to question our own aesthetics. It tells us that though fashion may change, style is forever. It embodies the belief that freedom is everything.

That the DRO is now.

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Photography: Soso Gamgebeli, Dito Tediashvili


Muah artist: Anna Todua

Models: Lika Rigvava, Nina Potskhishvili, Giorgi Shubitidze

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