Cosmic Odyssey


We live in a boundless interstellar space.

A dazzling infinity of vibrant galaxies surrounds us.

Every night, an amazing view keeps us breathless. The planets sparkling across the cosmos make us believe there are no limits. There’s so much more to explore out there.

And we, hungry for adventures, get inspired by the cosmic mission to comprehend the universe. Thus, we start moving with the planets in an infinite space.

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The brighter the light on our path, the more we are able to explore. That is why we are all searching for a perfect satellite – a companion that will enlighten our way through the infinite.

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And as we, the two soulmates come across, gravity makes us fall for each other and we swap our energies.

This is how we create a perfect tandem and enter into a harmonious odyssey of exploring the mysterious world together.

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There’s a boundless world in front of us. Step out and explore new galaxies with your perfect satellite.

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Photography: Soso Gamgebeli

Production: Leavingstone

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