Expressions of Freedom


Freedom is a journey of returning to self and seeing how amazingly infinite the world can be – it reveals dreams that resembled delusions; Powerful mountains that seemed too high for your eye; Your true self, that looked like a vague silhouette in the dark.

It shows you a world beyond the cage, where you can choose your own path, spend your time the way you want and jump into this oblivious chaotic journey, in pursuit of freedom.

Life is about becoming the best version of yourself. It is not a quest for perfection, it is a quest for freedom. The best version of you – is free.

Your path to freedom is chaotic. You stand in front of new crossroads – new choices at every step. And your only companion, time flies by and never waits.

This road leads you to the crucial mission – to spend your time as you please, choose the shifting path and uncover the best version of yourself – the one with the wings of freedom.

Freedom is courage.

Making the right choice at the right time in this chaotic world, where time flows endlessly. Finding your own path and stepping in, despite all obstacles.

Daring to be who you truly are.

There is no law of life but chaos. This reckless life is an ever-evolving roller coaster of emotions, feelings, experiences, impressions… Everything keeps changing, except the chaos itself.

And the ultimate destination of this chaotic journey is self-consciousness — finding your own freedom.

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