Marisha Urushadze: Nobody is perfect


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We took our CROSTY ONDA sneakers to the nightclub Mtkvarze , overlooking the river of the same name. Even in the daytime, you could feel the energy. The potential. Mtkvarze won the Best Venue at the Georgian electronic music awards just months after opening and has played a significant role in the development of Georgian electronic music.

The model wearing CROSTY is one of the most successful names to come out from Georgian modeling scene – Marisha Urushadze. 

Those that truly live follow their own path. They make their own waves. They find their own style.

“Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and learn from them.” – Marisha Urushadze.

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Photography: Lasha Bakuradze

Production: ARIAL BOLD

Locations: Mtkvarze, Tbilisi sea

Model: Marisha Urushadze

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