We wake up every morning with another chance. To be our best selves one day at a time. At our best, we’re bold, unapologetic, free.

And that freedom is something worth shouting about, from the streets, from the rooftops. We bring the fight, the fire, the energy as we move. We’re motion, we’re limitless, and freedom is our religion.

We don’t follow the rules, don’t fit neatly in frames, don’t stick to the path. We proudly and loudly proclaim that we are independent, unique. Our own style. Our own big ideas.

But change doesn’t have to be monumental. Little steps can make a difference; all you need to start is the spark.

What originates within your life can broaden, ripple, and affect the entire globe for good.

So jump. Shout. Take risks.

Make that first step and see what the winds of change sweep in.

Become your better self. Change the world.

Own your own revolution.


It’s all about belief. Own your big ideas and make a change for good.

If you make the rules, you get to fly the flag of your own revolution.

Film Director Editor: Makho Kipshidze

Photography: Soso Gamgebeli

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