Mindful Expressions

Anushka Chkheidze

It takes courage to believe in yourself

Anushka Chkheidze is an up and coming Georgian electronic music producer. She grew up in the dramatic landscape of Kharagauli, and believes her music is deeply influenced by those magical childhood years. Anushka’s work includes music for film and theater. She features heavily in Sleepers Poets Scientists, a compilation album featuring female Georgian musicians.

Halfie was her debut album released in 2020, which won her the Tsinandali Award and was nominated for Album Of The Year at the 2020 IMPALA Awards. Shortly after Halfie, Anushka made her comeback with her second pandemic album, Move 20-21. In Anushka’s own words, Move 20-21 is “a mind’s journey through space and time without any physical movement.”

”I honestly think that everyone needs to find the right moment in life. Did I create the opportunities with my passion for music? Every new attempt is an opportunity. Even though I feel shy about creating opportunities, I am never afraid to try new things. I can’t say if courage has driven me to find my own self, but it demands a lot of honesty to stay true to your chosen path.

Sometimes I feel lost, but I always come back to my first compositions and feel what I really want to create. I respect my decision, my principles, and I listen truly to what I want to express. It is always easy to start because interest and passion are strong feelings. It’s much harder to keep going—it demands discipline and courage.

It takes courage to believe in yourself, but it means a lot to me, both in my life and in music. If you don’t have the belief in your own freedom and you are just focused on success, I do not think anything will happen. You have to believe that whatever you do, you do it with love. In my opinion, nothing else matters for creativity.

“The process of making music especially needs freedom.”

I don’t think of my freedom as starting in childhood, because I feel much freer now in my adult life. The word freedom has no one fixed definition; it is constantly changing over time. Now there can only be freedom for individuals. I cannot imagine saying, “We are free.” I feel free inside and I try hard to protect myself from losing that feeling.

The process of making music especially needs freedom. More precisely, you write when you are free. I can’t imagine otherwise.

Music was the first thing that ever made me feel so free, that impressed me so much, that I couldn’t even sleep. Without getting too emotional, I think embracing freedom means embracing choosing for yourself.”

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