Mindful Expressions


Path to freedom through creativity

Dante is a street artist born in 1987, who started painting at an early age, inspired by fauna. While at first, he drew animals from illustrations in books, he soon became a frequent visitor to Tbilisi Zoo.

In 2004, he enrolled at Tbilisi State Academy of Art, working towards a degree in interior design. At that time, he actively started to work on murals.

His first personal exhibition, “All that Jazz”, opened during the Tbilisi Jazz Festival in 2014. He was soon recognised as a ‘Young Lions Georgia’ gold winner in 2017 and now works as an art director at advertising agency JWT Metro.

Niko Street Art Movement x Responsible.ge. Tbilisi, 2021

“There are always lots of opportunities in the universe. But you need to have the ability to use them correctly. It is a result of working on oneself constantly. Developing yourself in a professional way creates new opportunities.

It is always important to believe in yourself when dealing with challenges. That said, I think that every experience rewards you with further courage. I mean both success and failure. Everything you realized, felt, expressed and went through.

Niko Street Art Movement. Rustavi, 2019

“The key is to believe in freedom as the most important value in life.”

Self exploration is a natural need of ours as human beings. But leaving our comfort zone, which is absolutely necessary, demands bravery. The key is to believe in freedom as the most important value in life, which you should always be searching for. I found my path to freedom through creativity.”

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